Strategy, Technology & Society

Strategy, Technology & Society , is a scholarly journal with international diffusion. Its primary objective is to constitute an encounter forum for knowledge dissemination and presentation of the most current, relevant, and innovative scientific advancements through the publication of original articles about the relationship between global strategy and technology, emphasizing the social consequences of such relationship.

An important objective of this journal is to expand the state of the art within both the realms of global strategy and technologies, always with a social focus, through the publication of studies with quality, originality and rigor that reflect advancements in knowledge and contributions to these areas.

In the core of the journal is the new knowledge generated in the domain of the global strategy of corporations, with a special emphasis in competitive advantage because its relevance for the organizations and for the economic development of the country. Similarly, also in the core of the journal is technological innovation which, from different perspectives (electronics, electricity, mechanics, informatics, metallurgy, industry, etc.) that emerge from such strategies, contributes with tangible improvements to the quality of life of people.

The topic of the journal includes three large subjects: the discussion over the global strategy related to how corporations function; technological innovation; and finally, the social impact that strategy and technology have on society.

Strategy, Technology & Society, Year 4, Vol. 1, January-June 2018, is a peer reviewed scholarly journal, jointly issued each semester by Universitat Rovira i Virgili and UPAEP through the Centro Interdisciplinario de Posgrados UPAEP, Calle 17 Sur 901, Barrio de Santiago, C. P. 72410, Tel. (222) 229-9400, ext. 7813, 01800-2242200,,, Responsible editor: Dr. Beatriz Pico González. Copyright Certificate Number 04-2015-070911384500-203, ISSN: 2448-8526, issued by the Instituto Nacional del Derecho de Autor (National Institute of the Copyright). Responsible of this number's actualization: Centro Interdisciplinario de Posgrados UPAEP, Dr. Beatriz Pico González, calle 17 Sur 901, Barrio de Santiago, C. P. 72410. Date of last modification: June 29, 2018. The total or partial reproduction of the text and images without prior permission of the editor is prohibited.

Vol 6, No 1 (2018): January-June

Table of Contents


Silvia Soledad Moreno Gutierrez, Alfredo Toriz Palacios, Sócrates López Pérez, Abraham Sánchez López
José David De Ita
Adriana Mercedes Cuéllar Juárez, José de Jesús Cuéllar Juárez, Joel Molina Reyes, José Pablo Nuño de la Parra, Martha Silva Torres Hidalgo
Erika Mendoza Encinas, Gerardo de Jesús López Árciga, José Pablo Nuño de la Parra, Beatriz Pico González
Cecilia López Camacho, Alfredo Toriz Palacios, Filiberto Valenzuela Mendoza, Jesús Ramón López Sánchez
Ernesto Alonso Rodríguez Moguel,, Beatriz Pico González, Juan Carlos Pérez García,, José Pablo Nuño de la Parra,, Juan Luis Ramírez Marroquín